NC Statutory Compliance

RecordingPRO(R) was designed specifically to meet the statutory requirements of NC Register of Deeds and was the first system to pass the NC 2008 Indexing Standards Review.

Moreover, RecordingPRO(R) has committed to comply with all other recording laws for both land records, vital records and all related functions. This commitment is backed by a written agreement provided by RecordingPRO(R) to the Registers.

RecordingPRO(R) is the only system that utilizes patent pending TrueRECORDING(TM) technology. TrueRECORDING(TM) allows Register of Deeds to record multiple documents simultaneously – while meeting the North Carolina "Race to File" Statutes. This is critical for legal compliance in North Carolina and other states that have similar land recording laws. States with strict "Race to File" laws include North Carolina, Delaware and Louisiana. Many other states have similar arrival sequence requirements as well.

North Carolina Registers need TrueRECORDING(TM) if they:

(1) have more than one Recording Station and Record Simultaneously

(2) receive Land Records by mail, while simultaneously serving the public, or

(3) are currently, or are planning on doing E-Recording.