North Carolina Register of Deeds Solutions

Specifically for North Carolina

First in North Carolina to comply with All NC Statutes.

Proven Solutions


Industry leading uptime for over 28 years – no outages in office for literally years (99.999%).

Advanced security & backup technologies to adapt to the new evolving cyber attacks & ransomware.


Cloud based Internet Research records look up system is completely separate from in house systems.  Automatic – REAL TIME – off site backup to secure “read only” journal system.

Only solution with integrated e-recording system.


When you call – instead of sales people – you get engineers that know you, and understand your needs.

Their goal is to resolve your issue there – because they are the developers.  This is our state, and we’re committed to taking care of you.

About Us

Founded in 1996, in New Hanover County – Recording Pro is a division of Internet Technologies, Inc.

We were first in North Carolina to comply with All NC Statutes in 2008 & are committed to providing accurate, secure recording solutions.

As a result North Carolina Tax payers funds stay in North Carolina, keeping your money local.


Our mission is to provide complete technology solutions for North Carolina Register of Deeds using the latest most secure technology.

This includes integrated e-recording solutions that update real time in the recording office, are both cost effective for the end user.

Our solutions are highly cost effective – both in fees, operational costs, and reduced risk of downtime – saving you & NC tax payers money.


Our vision is to provide integrated Register of Deeds solutions to all 100 North Carolina Counties in a cost effective, secure way that ensures all records are safely stored & searchable.

This includes helping registers update & adapt as both statutes & technology changes.

Why Choose Us?

If security, statutory compliance, and mission critical reliability are important to you – we are your solution.

For over 28 years we’ve worked to create the most robust, secure, and reliable solutions for North Carolina Register of Deeds.

We understand how you feel when you hear about natural disasters destroying record vaults.  As well as county’s losing data from ransomware, and cyber attacks.

That’s why we’ve created solutions that keep the internet searches and e-recording separate from your internal system, while allowing real time updates of transactions.

Your data is backed up – REAL TIME – to multiple off site centers.   Further, your data is stored in a way that once it’s written it can’t be modified. So you can sleep at night knowing that your records are secure.

North Carolina is our home and we want to make sure the records of our history are preserved now, and for the future generations.  Rather than trying to rig a system from another state to comply with NC statutes, we focus solely on North Carolina.

We know how hard you and your constituents work.  We are based in New Hanover County North Carolina, so your taxpayer funds are kept in NC helping support the local economy.

Ready For A Fresh Start?

We provide both complete solutions, and separate modules such as e-recording.

If you have a need, let us know and we'll find a solution!

Take the stress out of your IT management

When you work with us, you become our priority. 

We do everything we can to ensure your IT requirements aren’t just met,  they’re exceeded.  Plus your systems are legendary  for  reliability with 99.999% uptime.

Committed to

Keeping your Records Safe

We understand that as a Register of Deeds, your records are your life. 

That’s why we use multiple redundant systems to ensure your data is recorded correctly and then backed up so you can access it.

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